Through Our Eyes was an international exchange exhibition involving artists from Northern Ireland and New York working in a variety of media which included painting, sculpture, installation and lens based. The exhibition was facilitated by the Artist Exchange, NY and Green Dog Arts, Belfast. More info: The Painting Centre, New York.

The initial goal of The Artists Exchange was to create a mechanism for viewing a key historical events through the eyes of artists. Begun in 2002, by a group of artists whose studios had been located near the World Trade Centre, it has now grown into a framework for artists to engage in dialogue, show their art, and act as witnesses of their times. It is also an exploration of artists' insights into violence and cultures in trauma. Through public exhibitions, open studios, and public forums such as panel discussions and symposia, the Artist Exchange creates a bridge from the studio to the greater community and extends to artists working in other countries within other contexts. In this way, it has become a forum for international dialogue.

The Artist Exchange planned its first international exchange with artists from Northern Ireland in 2006, supported, in part, by the British Consulate and the 9/11 Fund. Artists from Northern Ireland traveled to New York in September, to coincide with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Second International Summit on Art and Recovery, and New York artists went to Ireland in October of that same year. In New York, artists from the Province exhibited at the Painting Center in Lower Manhattan. They stayed with New York artists, and took part in a panel discussion featuring Belfast and New York artists and members of the public. In addition, there was an exhibition of digital art from Queen Street Digital Studios, Belfast (online and in a gallery) at Pace University in conjunction with their Irish Studies department. Later on, in Belfast, fourteen New York artists exhibited at The Metro Building as part of the Belfast Festival at Queens, and participated in a number of related outreach activities.

Participating artists: Acitore Artezione, William Artt, Bill Brand, Emma Connolly, Rita Duffy, Ray Duncan, Barbara Friedman, Mimi Gross, Robert Janz, Katy Martin, Ruth McCullough, Ross Neher, Mark O’Grady, Jack Pakenham, Ima Picó, Adele Pound, Peter Richards, Gail Ritchie, Maura Sheehan, Sandi Slone, Gwenn Thomas, Jennifer Trouton, April Vollmer, Claire Whitten, Jo Wood-Brown, Michael Zwack.

Coordination and Curation in Belfast: Green Dog Arts
Curation and Coordination in New York: Jo Wood Brown

Supported by: Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Artist Exchange, Culture Ireland, Queen Street Studios, Green Dog Arts, Golden Thread Gallery, British Consulate.

Artwork: Gail Ritchie. From The Sky. Installation.

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